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Tim trained as a motor vehicle mecha­tro­nics engi­neer. Subse­quently, he immedia­tely set out to acquire the degree of a master motor vehicle tech­ni­cian (Kfz-Tech­­ni­­ker­­meister). He success­fully completed his degree before the Hand­werks­kammer in Düssel­dorf in 2012. Tim worked in a garage for indus­trial vehi­cles even before his trai­ning, which enabled him to collect quite some prac­tical expe­ri­ence in connec­tion with damage repairs. He never specia­lised in any parti­cular brand. Tim has been working as an expert for damage and assess­ment of motor vehi­cles for a number of years now. He profits from his hands-on expe­ri­ence in this area.