Controller – open commu­ni­ca­tion

The controller QC900 repres­ents the best avail­able tech­no­logy and offers plenty ways to commu­ni­cate with all kind of machines and systems during the mate­rial hand­ling process.

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The cross-inter­­face controller regu­lates the energy consump­tion according to your mate­rial put through.

The QC900-controller is the core of all drying units. Modbus TCP/RTU, OPC UA, TTY/RS485 to link with diffe­rent produc­tion machines, data exchange with SQL-servers or PDA-(production data acqui­si­tion) systems as well as the poten­tial to get access with a web-client through HTML 5 from any web browser in the world are only a few examples of its impres­sing possi­bi­li­ties. A touch-screen with colored display allows a plain and intui­tive opera­tion. Special control-algo­­rithms auto­ma­ti­cally opti­mize the energy requi­re­ment according to the actual mate­rial throughput.

Data bases for drying programs, the control of all kind of hopper loaders and data recording of process data through USB are also included as well as a lot of other features.

Precise dosing through gravi­metry

WENZ’s WeCo (weight control) gravi­metry with up to four hoppers meters master­batch, regrind, addi­tives or fillers.

Results can be improved by using WeCo (weight control) gravi­metry which provides reli­able control of mate­rial consump­tion and thus accu­rate throughput moni­to­ring. The gravi­metric system can be easily mounted on dryers or, with adap­t­ations, directly on the produc­tion machine. It allows to add batch and regrind with gram accu­racy. This provides effi­cient and exact dosing, and also consis­tent and precise repro­du­ci­bi­lity at low energy consump­tion. The instal­la­tion is simple. Opera­tion through the touch display is intui­tive. The inner and outer hoppers, made of stain­less steel, faci­li­tate consi­der­ably the clea­ning process on mate­rial changes. Using up to four hoppers offers the possi­bi­lity to dose up to four diffe­rent mate­rials.