WeCo – Precise dosing by gravi­metry

Gravimetrie | Wenz

WENZ’s WeCo gravi­metry (weight control) with up to four hoppers meters master­batch, regrind, addi­tives or fillers.

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The result can be improved by using WeCo gravi­metry (weight control), which provides reli­able control of mate­rial consump­tion and thus accu­rate throughput moni­to­ring. The gravi­metric system can be easily mounted on the drying contai­ners or, with adap­t­ations, on the produc­tion machine, and allows batch and regrind addi­tions to be made to the gram. This provides not only effi­cient and accu­rate dosing, but also consis­tent and accu­rate repro­du­ci­bi­lity with low energy consump­tion. Instal­la­tion befo­re­hand is simple, and opera­tion via the touch terminal is intui­tive. The stain­less steel inner and outer tanks allow for easy clea­ning and mate­rial changes and, with the four hoppers, offer the possi­bi­lity of mixing up to four compon­ents.